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                                                          澳门皇家赌场网站工程是澳门皇家赌场的传统和优势学科 。学科始建于1909年的焦作路矿学堂 ,1981获得硕士学位授予权,1984年获得博士学位授予权,1985设立博士后科研流动站。在2006年、2009年和2012教育部三轮学科评估中均名列全国第一 。澳门皇家赌场网站工程已成为特色鲜明、国内外一流的学科  。

                                                          The mining engineering is the traditional and preponderant discipline of CUMT. The discipline was established in Jiaozuo Railway and Mining College in 1909. The School get the mining engineering master’s degree granting right in 1981 and doctoral degree granting in 1985. The post-doctoral research station was established in 1985. The discipline ranked the first in the three rounds of discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 2006, 2009 and 2012. Mining engineering has become a distinctive and first-class discipline both at home and abroad.


                                                          1988年  ,首批国家重点学科:采矿工程

                                                          In 1988, mining engineering became one of the first national key disciplines.


                                                          In 1995, mining engineering become one of the first construction disciplines in Project 211.


                                                          In 1988, mining engineering was authorized the position of distinguished professor of “Cheung Kong Scholar”.

                                                          2001年 ,再次认定为国家重点学科:采矿工程

                                                          In 2001, mining engineering was again rated as the national key discipline.

                                                          2006年 ,“985工程优势学科创新平台建设学科:澳门皇家赌场网站工程

                                                          In 2006, mining engineering was listed as the constructive discipline in “985 Innovation Platform for Key Discipline Project”.

                                                          2007年 ,国家一级学科重点学科:澳门皇家赌场网站工程

                                                          In 2007, mining engineering was listed as the key discipline of national first-level disciplines.


                                                          In 2010, mining engineering became one of the first advantage disciplines construction projects.


                                                          In 2017, mining engineering was listed in the construction of the “world-class university” and “world-class discipline”.


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