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                          澳门皇家赌场坚持以澳门皇家赌场网站为特色,努力培养德智体美全面发展,宽基础、强能力、高素质的具有社会责任感和国际视野,秉承好学力行、求是创新精神 ,能为国家富强和社会进步做出贡献的高素质人才。实施内容丰富、形式多样、开放共享的学生指导方式和结构优化的启发式、探究式、讨论式、参与式课堂教学方法 。实行本科生澳门皇家赌场和生活双导师制,加强综合性实践环节,引导学生进行创新性实验、创新性思考。着力跨文化教学和交流,开设双语课程 ,邀请国外知名教授为本科生讲授全英语课程,选拔优秀本科生到国外进行短期访学和生产实习,奠定国际化人才培养基础  。

                          采矿工程专业已有百余年的办学历史 ,其前身最早可追溯到创建于1909年的焦作路矿学堂。现有专任教师58人 ,其中教授29人、副教授15人 ,年均本科招生规模180人 。人才培养模式分为卓越澳门皇家赌场英才型和卓越工程师型 ,分别设绿色开采课组、露天开采课组、智能开采课组、地下工程课组、国际学习课组等专业方向。澳门皇家赌场是国家二类特色专业建设点、江苏高校品牌专业建设工程一期项目 ,2013年通过全国工程教育专业认证,第三方机构专业排名一直保持全国第一。

                          交通运输专业成立于1988年,源于原露天开采专业矿区铁路运输方向 。现有专任教师15人 ,其中教授4人,副教授5人 ,年均本科招生规模60人,专业方向分铁路运输课组、城市轨道交通课组、物流工程课组。融合采矿工程和交通运输优势专业方向和师资力量申报筹建地下城市工程新工科专业 。

                          工业工程专业创办于1998 年,由原澳门皇家赌场网站系统工程方向孕育而来 ,2010年被评为江苏省特色专业 。现有专任教师16人,其中教授3人 ,副教授7,年均本科招生规模60 。专业方向分生产管理课组和物流工程课组 ,全面实施基于企业微课题的生产实习和毕业实习 ,IE学社是校内第一个注册专业澳门皇家赌场社团。


                          Characterized by mining, the School of Mines tries to cultivate all-round development of high-quality talents with broad knowledge, strong ability, high social responsibility and wide international view. Inspired by the spirit of To be studious and to practice diligently, to seek truth and to make innovations, they are expected to make contributions for national prosperity and social progress. The School adheres to guide students in an open and sharing method by rich contents and diverse forms. The teaching methods include optimization heuristics, inquiry teaching, discussion teaching, and participative teaching. Double-mentor system is implemented with the aims to strengthen comprehensive practice and guide students to conduct innovative experiments and innovative thinking. The School attaches much importance on cross-cultural teaching and exchanges. The bilingual courses have been set up. The famous foreign professors are invited to teach courses totally in English. In addition, excellent undergraduates have opportunities of going abroad for short-period visit and learning, which is useful to develop international talents.

                          The Mining Engineering major has been set up for over one hundred years, and its predecessor can be traced back to the Jiaozuo Railroad and Mining College in 1909. There are 58 full-time teachers, including 29 professors and 15 associate professors. The annual average undergraduate enrollment is 180. The personnel training mode has outstanding academic talents and outstanding engineers. The major direction includes green mining team, open-pit mining team, intelligent mining team, underground mining team and international study team. The major is one of the national characteristic specialty construction points and one of the Phase I Famous Brand Discipline Construction projects in Jiangsu Province. The major passed through the National Engineering Education Accreditation, and ranks the first in China issued by the Third-party organizations.

                          The Industrial Engineering major was established in 1998. It was developed in the direction of former mining engineering. It was rated as one of the Characteristic Disciplines of Jiangsu Province. There are 16 full time teachers, including 3 professors and 7 associate professors. The average annual enrollment is 60. The major direction includes production management team and logistic engineering team. The production practice and graduation practice are related with enterprises' micro projects. IE Institute is the first academic society in CUMT.

                          The Traffic & Transportation major was set up in 1988. It originated from the former railway transportation during the open-pit mining. There are 15 full-time teachers, including 4 professors and 5 associate professors. The average annual enrollment is 60. The major direction includes railway transportation team, urban mass transit team and logistic engineering team. Integrated by advantages of mining engineering and transportation, the major is preparing to declare and build a new major of Underground City Engineering.


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